Mission Explorers Video Series

Mission Explorers Video Series: Africa, India, Philippines/Fiji, Bolivia

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Mission Explorers: AfricaContents -- Africa videos


Mission Explorers -- IndiaContents -- India videos


Philippines and Fiji IslandsContents -- Philippines/Fiji Islands videos


Mission Explorers -- BoliviaContents -- Bolivia videos


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Mission Explorers is possibly the only video-based curriculum that shows missions through the eyes of a child. Eleven-year-old Hillary Welborn entered the Children’s Bible Contest and won a trip around the world visiting missionaries. Through this creative and high-energy video series, your students can experience Hillary’s adventures in Africa, India, Philippines, Fiji and Bolivia.

Some of the non-denominational mission organizations featured in the series include Ambassadors for Christ International, Awana Clubs International, Every Child Ministries, Far East Broadcasting Company, Food for the Hungry, Operation Mobilization, Pioneers, SIM International, TEAM, Torchbearers and Trans World Radio.

Kelly in Texas shared with us how kids respond to Mission Explorers:

"I just wanted to let you know that we absolutely love the series. The kids are thrilled with each video and watch so intently. We have added some activities of our own to make the program last through the school year. It has been such a great experience. Our church is going on a mission trip in March to Brownsville. Inspired by your video, we are offering a contest to the kids so they can go with a parent at no cost. The kids are really excited about the opportunity. We are so thankful that God has used you to produce such a wonderful Mission program!"

Traci in California has been using the series for at least 10 years. Here's what she told us: 

"We absolutely love the Mission Explorers series. The children are interested in the material, and it is fast-paced to keep their attention. We had a small room with 35 children watching, and they were so captivated you could hear a pin drop. They love seeing children from other places, how they live, and the animals are intriguing to them, too. When one boy saw Hillary on the elephant, he exclaimed,"Lucky Duck!" The reaction of Hillary and her mother are classic. The kids like to watch the "screams of joy" over and over. They really like it when Hillary's brother covers his ears when she screams. The series shows that it is possible to share God's Good News to people all over. Even kids can help reach the lost for Jesus.

"Our daughter first saw the series when she was young. She is now 22 and has been on missions trips to Thailand, Indonesia, Mexico and Venezuela. She also works with CEF, Camp Good News, and AWANA. Our son who is 20 has been to Mexico and Indonesia and will be returning to Mexico this summer. Our third child (we have 10 kids), 18-year-old daughter, is now in England with Torch Bearers. The rest of our children liked the series, too. I'm sure they'll be wanting to get involved in missions trips, too." 


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