Mission Explorers Kenya: Preview

Mission Explorers Kenya: Trailer

Click the photo below to view the 2-minute trailer for Mission Explorers Kenya:

About the Curriculum

Mission Explorers Kenya consists of 12 distinct lessons with curriculum. It follows the same successful pattern as the original Mission Explorers series, which became a No. 1 seller for Word Ministry Resources. 

Part 7 of this new children's documentary can easily function as four lessons. It features 12 African animals we encountered on safari at Kenya's famous Masai Mara Reserve. We've developed a Bible lesson for each animal. In our church field testing, teachers tell us that teaching Bible lessons on three animals of the 12 is plenty for kids to absorb for one lesson. We take one characteristic of each African animal and develop a Bible lesson from it. We call it animal theology! 

In summary, Mission Explorers Kenya has 12 distinct lessons, but it can easily be stretched to 15 lessons. We hope you enjoy seeing and reading lessons one and four on this web page!

Mission Explorers Kenya Successfully Field Tested at Three Rivers Church in St. Marys, Georgia

Click the photo below to see a short video about the testing of the
Mission Explorers Kenya video and curriculum at Three Rivers Church.

Mission Explorers Kenya: Preview Parts 1 and 4 (of 12)

Click this photo to see a preview of Mission Explorers Kenya, Part 1:


View sample of Mission Explorers Kenya, Part 1 Curriculum HERE.


Click this photo to see a preview of Mission Explorers Kenya, Part 4:

View sample of Mission Explorers Kenya, Part 4 Curriculum HERE.


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