How To Make A Legacy Keepsake Book

I love the thought of the Kids Color Me Bible Gospel of John, personalized by your child, being handed down to future generations!

This book encourages kids to write and draw in a way that expresses their Christian faith. Once they complete their book, kids will want to show it to others. As a result, they will be sharing not only their writing and art, but their own personal Christian witness. Imagine the impact of your child’s writing and art being used by God to draw people to him.

Here’s How It Works:

1) On the left side of the page, click on “Select Chapter”.
2) Click on a chapter.
3) Click “Print Chapter”.
4) In a moment, it will upload into a PDF file, and you will be able to print it from your computer.
5) Give a printout to each of your children.
6) Have them read the chapter, fill in their own answers to the questions (lines provided), and draw their own art on the “Heaven Herald” page.
7) Preserve their work in some way that will make them feel special and will help them share it with others.

Ideas For Preserving & Sharing Your Child’s Book:

1) Once your children have completed several chapters, assemble the pages in order. Be sure to fill out and include the Dedication Page. Take all the pages to a printer or high-quality copy service and have each child’s book bound. There are various binding options available.
2) The binding of your children’s work can serve as an incentive. For example, you could tell your children that you will bind their books after they have completed five chapters. You could do a series of small books. Or, you could do a nicer binding after a child completes 10 chapters. 
3) Have the printer make a number of nice, bound copies of the books for your children to give as gifts. In this case, you could save money by having two pages copied in color on 11” X 17” sheets. The young authors/artists could even autograph each book personally!
4) Extra copies of the bound books make great gifts for parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. Think of the impact of putting some away for your children to give to their children and grandchildren!
5) Have your children choose their favorite chapter of those they have completed. Frame each page, and arrange them on the walls of the kids’ rooms, or even in the entry hall or family room.
6) Scan Heaven Herald pages with your children’s artwork on them, and have them printed on T-shirts, mugs or mouse pads. Kids love to give gifts that they participated in creating. Grandparents will absolutely flip over it (have your video camera ready)!
7) Share your ideas with us. We’d love to hear how you used the Kids Color Me Bible! Send us a message via   



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