Kid Radio Spots

01. What is Heaven?
02. Why Did He Die on the Cross?
03. Why Did God Create Grandmothers?
04. How Do You Pray?
05. Are You Happy?
06. Why Did God Create Boys?
07. Why Did God Create Girls?
08. Why Did Satan Tempt Eve Instead of Adam?
09. Why Did Adam Accept the Forbidden Fruit from Eve?
10. How Did God Create the World?
11. Do You Ever Sense the Presence of God?
12. How Can You Sense the Presence of God?
13. What’s Your Favorite Song?
14. Why Did God Send His Son to the Earth?
15. If Jesus Were Born Today, How Would You Announce His Birth?
16. What Do You Like Best About Christmas?
17. If Jesus Were Born Today, What Gifts Would You Bring Him?
18. Why Did Your Dad Marry Your Mom?
19. What Do Angels Do When They Go to Work?
20. What Was the Last Supper?
21. Why Did Jesus Die on the Cross?
22. What Does Easter Mean to You?
23. What Do You Love Most About Your Mom?
24. Why Did God Create Moms?
25. Why Did God Create Dads?
26. What Makes Your Dad Different from Other Dads?
27. What Is Spiritual Slavery?
28. What is Spiritual Freedom?
29. How Do You Win the Race of Life?
30. How Do You Lose the Race of Life?
31. What is the Greatest Victory God Has Given You?
32. What’s the Best Mother’s Day Gift?
33. How Does God Perform Miracles?
34. How Does God Answer Your Prayers?
35. How Do You Know Right From Wrong?
36. How Does God Talk to You?
37. Why Do People Die?
38. Why Do People Die?
39. Why is the Bible Important?
40. Why Do Bad Things Happen?
41. What is the Lesson of Thanksgiving?
42. Why Should We Tell the Truth?
43. “Silent Night”
44. Why Did Jesus Come as a Baby?
45. What’s the Best Part of the Christmas Story?

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