Bible Lessons

Devotional Bible Lessons 
These short lessons bring fresh biblical views to some of life's biggest questions. Great for family devotions. Children quoted in lessons. Kids love to hear their peers speak.

Devotional Bible Lessons By Email
Let us send you three Devotional Bible Lessons every week by free email subscription. Click the image to sign up and then confirm your subscription by clicking link in email.

Kids Color Me Bible
This unique storybook Bible allows kids to express themselves with art, writing and coloring. Printable chapters are terrific for Sunday School or home learning. 

Kids Color Me Bible Gospel of John
This storybook Bible features 22 chapters through John 5:18 without skipping any verses. Draw, write, color while learning of Jesus, God's only Son. 

Kids Talk About God Weekly Newspaper Column
Let your newspaper or magazine editor know that the Kids Talk About God weekly column is available without charge. Click image to send subscription link to editors. 

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