Foreword to Kids Color Me Bible Gospel of John
By Carey Kinsolving & Friends
I have many thanks to give for the Kids Color Me Bible Gospel of John. I want to thank the Lord Jesus Christ for the grace with which he saved me by giving himself on the cross as a sacrifice for my sins. I have never gotten over the freeness of his grace whereby I accepted the gift of eternal life by faith alone in Christ alone. This book springs from deep gratitude and a desire to give parents, teachers and children a tool by which they can meditate upon the life giving words and actions of the Lord Jesus Christ.
            We know from James that every good gift is from above (James 1:17), and that especially applies to good ideas. Until now, I have never seen a storybook Bible that goes section-by-section through the Gospel of John without skipping any verses. Although there are many more chapters to be written before the book is finished, I'm happy that we can publish chapters online as we receive artwork and writing from children who enter the Children's International Arts Festival.
            After many long walks on the beach and considerable time in prayer spent to discern the Lord's direction for this ministry, the idea of offering dude ranch family vacations to children who write and draw for this book emerged from the mouth of my beloved wife, Lisa Kinsolving. She is by far the best wife I've ever had, and the only one. Without the initial idea of offering such incredible prizes and her faithful work to build each online chapter, it is highly doubtful as to whether this project would have become a reality.
            Writing the Carey's Comments section of each chapter would have been a lot more difficult were it not for Logos Bible Software ( The Gold version of this amazing Bible software has been golden for me. Many thanks to Phil Gons at Logos for making this time-saving software available for this book project.
             I’m so pleased to feature the Easy-to-Read Version (ERV) of the Holy Bible in the Kids Color Me Bible Gospel of JohnTM. This is not a paraphrase of the Bible, but an accurate translation that children can understand. Thanks to the generosity of Bible League International and its supporters, this amazing Bible translation is available to you and your children. Please note that publication of any work that uses the ERV requires written permission for use of the ERV text. ERV is a trademark of Bible League International. 
 Special people make things happen. John Andersen, Global Publisher for Bible League International, immediately saw how many families could be blessed by reading the ERV in the Kids Color Me Bible. With the blessing of BLI president Gary L. Bishop and the wise counsel of attorney Carl W. Dobrowolski, it happened.
            In the early stages of this project, some amazing people stepped forward with significant financial contributions that helped get the ball rolling. My dear cousin, Carey Miller, always seems to be the first to write a generous check. I'm very blessed to have her as a cousin and friend. Jim and Betty Douglas are not only our sailing buddies but visionary friends. I don't know where we would be without the encouragement and support of our generous friend Annie Kaye.
            Very special thanks to the owners of the following dude ranches. These are amazing people who care about families and children. Each of the ranch owners donated one or more dude ranch family vacations to Children’s International Arts Festival winners:
Bar Lazy J Guest Ranch – Parshall, Colorado –
Coulter Lake Guest Ranch – Rifle, Colorado –
Latigo Ranch – Kremmling, Colorado –
Medicine Bow Lodge – Saratoga, Wyoming –
Rainbow Trout Ranch – Antonito, Colorado –
Red Horse Mountain Guest Ranch – Harrison, Idaho –
Runamuk Guest Ranch – Roundup, Montana –
Stagecoach Trails Guest Ranch – Yucca, Arizona –
Sweet Grass Ranch – Big Timber, Montana –
Tarryall River Ranch – Lake George, Colorado –
The Hilltop Ranch – Jamesville, New York –
Tumbling River Ranch – Grant, Colorado –
Western Pleasure Guest Ranch – Sandpoint, Idaho –
There are many more chapters of the Kids Color Me Bible Gospel of John to produce. Many thanks to many children who took time to answer questions related to each chapter and to illustrate their answers. I welcome more answers and writing from you.
Many Happy Trails!
Carey Kinsolving



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