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Art Linkletter Says:

re: Kids Talk About God newspaper column

Carey Kinsolving's weekly "Kids Talk About God" column was received very well by the Somervell County community, a community rich in religious values. The column provided insight, and lessons, from the creative minds of children as they understood and interpreted the Bible. Carey's ability to illustrate concisely the children's views of Bible stories, and lessons learned, was one of the most well received columns in the paper.

Brent Addleman
Editor, Glen Rose Reporter


I want to tell you that my family and I greatly enjoy your weekly column in our local Sunday newspaper, Mr. Carey Kinsolving! We enjoy reading the insight that the little kids provide, and we enjoy the Bible verses that accompany their thoughts, as well. We particularly are fond of the "Think about this" and "Ask this question" portions of your column; while they are listed at the end of the column, they are only the BEGINNING of getting a person to reflect on their personal relationship with God, and how a deeper relationship with Him can be obtained.

Your columns are so uplifting, and I take them to work with me, where I see them all through the day, each and every workday. Thank you SO much for writing such a wonderful column to be displayed in the nation's newspapers!!!

Evon (West Virginia)


re: RGV Children's Arts Festival

I am so glad there is an organization that encourages the kids to express their faith and that allows adults to see God through their eyes.

Milan is very excited about the contest and we have been telling our family, friends and Milan’s teachers! It is a nice way to spread God’s Word and a friendly reminder of how God wants us to receive his kingdom: as a child.

Selene (Texas)

re: Kids Color Me Bible

I love the fact that the kids are involved in creating their own personalized Bible. Not only are the stories great, but I also like the fact that it has questions at end of story. And the art work --  what can I say other than it is great.

I'm the father of autistic twin boys who are going to be 7 in December, and they do not grab the concepts of the Bible like other kids do. Since most of their learning is visual, this Bible is perfect for them. While they are coloring their page, I can read the story and then we can put their Bible together. This works for them because they are being involved in the process instead of just read to. Plus, it makes them proud of what they have done.

Great, great job: to everyone who was involved in creating this Bible. Now maybe my kids will have a chance to learn about and get to know God. We have tried many different things, but no one has ever put things together all in one place like this before. Once again, thanks. And above all, thanks to God for such a wonderful blessing....

Phillip (Florida), Parent and Sunday School Teacher


I absolutely love your Kids Color Me Bible curriculum. I am considering using the Book of John portion as our homeschool Bible devotional for next year. Are you planning on continuing the series? Thank you so much for all that you do! What an incredible blessing to kids and parents alike!



"This summer will be the first time that the kids I babysit for have learned anything about God. I am looking forward to using the Kids Color Me Bible to teach them my favorite stories." 

Angela (Wisconsin)

How can I get the Gospel of John coloring book for the kids? I would like about a 1000 copies for an event called Flood Philly Xtreme.



I recently removed my son from public schools, as they were not working for him now that he is in the sixth grade. My son is special needs, has a heart of gold and is very smart. When I removed him from school he requested that as a part of his homeschool he would like to have bible study daily.

I looked all over the internet and was so excited to find this site. He is loving learning and gets to use his own words, drawings and color pages to create his own book that he cannot wait to share with his Nana. Thank you so much for all the work that has gone into this site. Feeling very blessed to have found

Cindy (Virginia), Parent

re: Kids Color Me Bible Gospel of John

My Sunday school class of 10-year-olds (and some younger), are going through your lessons of John's Gospel that I found online. They love the kid-made art. I had them make the art for John 3:16 since they love that verse so much. Our church teaches the Bible chapter by chapter, verse by verse, so you can see why I love your lessons on John.

Julie (Washington state), Sunday School Teacher


re: Kids Talk About God Blessing Cards

Testimonial - KTAG Cards


The Father of a Children's International Arts Festival Winner Says:  



Riley's dad here! I just wanted to tell you thank you for picking Riley's artwork for your website. We have always known that she has a lot of creative talent, but I don't think she realizes how much others have noticed it, as well. I think this will encourage her to share her work with others as much as possible.

I also want to say that I appreciate the mission and the vision of your web site. I can see how your site can be a tool for me to share the gospel with others--especially those who have families. A child sharing the gospel with an adult is a very powerful thing, and I think you have captured that essence with your site.

Tiffini and I have had a pretty difficult time trying to keep this secret for almost a month now, and we are so glad that we can let everyone know! Our family, friends, and church family are all very happy for Riley.

Thanks again, and I look forward to meeting you in person (and on horseback).


The Mother of an RGV Children's Arts Festival Finalist Says: 


"I was so encouraged by the online book that the kids created about heaven. When I get discouraged because of the problems we are facing in our society, this book helps me look forward to what heaven may be like - from the ‘eyes of our children.’ I was also sharing with your wife on Friday that recently I shared the link to the online book with a friend of mine that recently became a widow. She didn't have a book for her two young kids (3 and 5 years old) to share with them about what heaven may be like. They believe that their dad is in heaven, so the book may encourage them to look forward to joining him there one day."

Laura (Texas)


The Father of an RGV Children's Arts Festival Finalist Says:  


Thank you so much! All this process has been a blessing for us as a family. By sharing what Samuel wrote with family and friends, they have been able to learn how much God loved us and that the only way to go to heaven is only by his only son Jesus.


Carlos (Texas)



Kids Say:

"After watching the movie where Hillary was in Africa, I decided I wanted to be a missionary. (I'm already a missionary kid - MK!) I'm also thinking about sponsoring a kid like Hillary did!" - Katti, age unknown

"I love your website. It's really cool. I like seeing what other kids think. Their opinions." - Haley, age 11 1/2

"I like hearing other kids talk about God because it makes me want to talk about God with my friends."  - Nathan, age 5 

"I like to learn about Jesus and how he died on the Cross for us. The kids make it fun to learn."  - Aaron, age 4

"What I like best is that your ministry really helps people experience the life to become a Christian and talks about the holy life of God and Jesus. I am also a Christian, and I would like to follow the path to Jesus. I also want other kids to understand the life of Jesus."   – Monika, age unknown (Philippines) 

Teachers Say: 

"When 'last' names originated, they were often related to something the person did or was known for. For example, Peterson was actually Peter's son. I think the KTAG founder's name (Carey Kinsolving) speaks to this. Kin means one's family or relations, and solving means to find an answer to, explanation for, or means of effectively dealing with (a problem or mystery). That is exactly what happens at Kids Talk About God. Reaching out internationally to create a brother and sisterhood to address problems and challenges facing all. There is spiritual, emotional and physical hunger and Carey Kinsolving has found a way to offer his fish and loaves to help feed the masses. And our heavenly Father is so gracious that they are left with with basketfuls of blessings to share over and over again. I hope to share Kids Talk About God with my class of second graders this year. May the breath of God continue to breathe life into your ministry. Thank you Mr. Kinsolving for reaching out to God's family with solutions and answers and for carrying your namesake."

Trisha (Second Grade Teacher)

"Thank you for providing such a comprehensive website that helps inspire children and adults to learn about Jesus. I'm an elementary school teacher in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and came across your site hoping to find 'contact cards' that I could use to help bring other to Jesus.

"I decided to use the beautiful artwork entitled 'God Loves You' from one of the students featured on your site, along with the message of salvation through Jesus Christ.

"I will be using your website information on the back of the card. My hope is that as I speak to people about my faith, I can leave them this card as a source of hope for them and for any of the children in their lives.

"I plan to use my gift of teaching and my recent platform as Teacher of the Year at my school, as a way to help encourage others, especially children, to learn about Jesus. Your website has provided me a multitude of resources to assist me in my mission, and for that I'm ever grateful.

"May God continue to bless you and your efforts in all ways and may Jesus guide your heart as you live to serve him." - Daniel Fiore (Fort Lauderdale, FL)


"God Loves You" by Maddie King, age 9

Dear Maddie:

My name is Mr. Fiore and I'm a 3rd grade teacher in Fort Lauderdale, FL. I just wanted to let you know that I loved your artwork that you provided that is displayed on the Kids Talk About God website. I was very moved by your beautiful picture and reminder to all of us that God loves us and that we need to trust him. I can tell you're a very special young lady and I know that God will continue to bless you for honoring him. I liked your picture so much that I ordered over 5,000 copies of it to use to help bring others to God and his son, Jesus! I know that your artwork will help me to help others learn about God and Jesus.

I pray that God continue to bless you and guide you and that Jesus watch over you as you grow up and continue to "make a difference" in this world.

Mr. Fiore
3rd Grade Teacher
Fort Lauderdale, FL 

"I wanted to tell you how much I admire you for building such a wonderful website for the Lord! You are doing His work and I pray for blessings for you and your family. I am going to save your website and I will be coming back in the future for help with children's Bible study. I am honored to award you with my 'Barefoot Lass's Two Thumbs Up Award.'" - Barefoot Lass: Bible study teacher, owner of a helpful household-hints website (Here's her award to Kids Talk About God:) 


re: Mission Explorers Video Series:
"Just wanted to say how awesome your videos are. I lead a group of girls ages 6-11 called 'God's Girls' and this material is perfect for giving them a vision for the world. I love it! Thanks for your service and including lots of different types of missionaries. Great job!" - Kathy


"Excellent video. Child's perspective, different mission organizations, different continents, nice timing for a class, information about the country and the people. You did not portray others as mean or bad - we are all called to be children of God. I showed it to my grade 1 class and then Bolivia to my Spanish (grades 4 & 5) class. Thanks for the FANTASTIC resource!

"You did a super job with all aspects in the first video!!

"In your next video - could you include how the world is coming to us, too? Possibly one section on how we can be missionaries to the world in our own communities. This is not to take away from the other places - I really liked that part. Could you choose a French speaking place like Cameroon or Niger (for the Canadian schools that teach French or French as a Second Language)?" - Marg (Canada)


"While searching on the internet... I came across your organization and I am delighted to have found the Mission Explorers DVD and Curriculum, which I am ordering today. My sons, ages 13 and 7, saw a few of the episodes on the streaming video and were completely engaged by the material. I cried and laughed as I saw the young reporter bring good news to children in foreign lands. I am really looking forward to showing this material to the children of our church. Do you have a second series?" - Iza (Texas)


"I like innovative and hands on work for children to learn. I am hopeful the videos I previewed will make my students (2nd graders) stop and listen. I love children's artwork, and thoroughly enjoyed the gallery. You have an awesome ministry! I appreciate your free helps. Our school struggles as do most Christian schools. You sharing your experience and hard work and research is most appreciated and inspiring. Thank you so much." – Bettie (Texas City, TX): Parent, Sister, Teacher, Sunday School Teacher

"I haven't had time to thoroughly explore your site, but I LOVE the lesson on Job. I'm trying to quickly put together a lesson for tonight, and this was very helpful. Thanks." - Amybeth



"The Mission Explorers Video Series has been a wonderful tool for me to teach the school age children in my center about missionaries. I can't thank you enough for putting this together and when do we get another one? Everyone who has viewed this has been blessed. I know seeds have been planted. Thank you again for doing this. It is a treasure at our center!"

Ms Lynn
Director, Hilmar Christian Children's Center
and Short-Term Africa Missionary!


I'm enjoying the
beautiful lessons you email. It is
so amazing to see God's Word through children's eyes.

On a separate note, if you remember this past summer I
ordered over 2,500
contact cards
with John 3:16
message and artwork from your website. I have to say
that I have given out over 500 so far and people have
been very receptive. I'm hoping that they are logging
on to your website and supporting your ministry.

Thank you again for your dedication to spreading the
Word. I'm also grateful to you for helping provide me
with a vehicle for spreading the salvation message to
people I come in contact with on a daily basis.

God bless your efforts and let me know if there is
anything I can do to help promote your ministry.


Dan Fiore (Teacher in Dania Beach, FL)

Parents Say:

I absolutely love your website and we use it for our homeschooling. My children enjoy drawing pictures related to the Bible! My son did a very cute comic strip to Psalm 1. Thank you for providing a great way for kids to learn the Bible and make it come to life! The pictures are amazing!

Dana (New York)


re: The Heaven Project:

I think it is a wonderful experience for our children. My daughter talked about heaven for weeks after this project and she had some very interesting thoughts and expressed how she viewed heaven and how she wants to go there. It was wonderful.

Nellie (Mississippi)

I am so thankful that you created a heaven-sent website like this. My son will be celebrating his 7th birthday and the theme will be "Jesus, You're my Superhero." Thank you so much for the printable verses. We will be including them in the children's loot bags. =)
Thank you so much. God bless you.
Len and Dan Deveza, Kids for Christ Coordinators
Catholic Community -- Las Pinas City, Philippines 


I just wanted to tell you how thankful I am to have found your site. I have not thought about God and the Bible and religion in general for a lot of years and have only recently found my way back. I have three children aged 5, 2 and 1. I had no idea where to start in teaching them about the Lord. You have provided that start! I will be printing the Color Me Bible and going through the chapters with my 5 year old (this will be a great review for me as well!) and do some of the colouring pages with my 2 year old. After we are through that we will start on memorizing scripture using your cards and making our own. Thank you so much and God bless you for your work!

Shannon (Canada)

The videos are wonderful. The children love learning how other children in other parts of the world are living and learning about Jesus.

Denise (Atlanta, GA)

Mr. Kinsolving,

I just shared with my son your 2006 article, "Why Does God Forbid Stealing?" He is 6 years old and has been having quite a difficult time with stealing and "sneaking" over the last few weeks. My husband and I explain and re-explain all of the biblical points we can think of. He doesn't want to take things--it's just that he's having trouble with self-control. I think your article made a tremendous impact on him because he got to hear what other kids said about stealing. It also brought up points that I had not thought to mention. Even though you wrote that article a few years ago, it blessed us here today! May God bless you and your ministry.


Thank you for this website! It is a great tool to spread the gospel to my kids. I just found it in Google a few days ago and I can't stop praising the Lord in excitement for leading me to find you.

Jesus found me 3 years ago and has completely changed my life, and I have a big fire inside of me to share this joy to my 3 kids and wife. It is a big challenge for me because we were all raised with Catholic religious traditions and it is a wonderful miracle that I can see what I see today. I was blind and now I can see!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please dont stop doing this, the Lord is using you and you are being a great blessing.

Hector (Mexico)

What a great tool for homeschoolers to use! I really like the missions videos. I plan to have my son watch one each day after his devotional time. Then we will discuss the video. I also love your Bible lessons. I was looking for something to do for Easter and found three great lessons to print out and use.

Best of all, I liked the fact that there is no charge for any of these things. Actually I can't even believe it's all free. I kept expecting a "catch" somewhere - like once I went to print I'd be told the cost or something. As a Christian homeschooling mom, I search the net daily for resources, and have yet to find anything as wonderful as this, especially that doesn't cost anything. I have wasted hours and hours looking for curriculum ideas, clicking through so many links, and only finding that the materials are very poorly done or extremely expensive.

I could go on and on about what I like, but best of all I'd have to say I just love your idea. The artwork is amazing and inspiring. Some of it brought tears to my eyes - to see God through the eyes of a child is such a gift for adults. Plus my two boys really enjoyed watching the videos.

Please continue to offer this great service. All I can say is I wish I had found this a year ago - it could have saved me days worth of work. So perhaps my suggestion would be to continue marketing this so more people will find it. I found it through the newsletter of the HSLDA (we are members).

Thank you for offering this wonderful site! It is beautifully done, inspiring, and such a blessing. I may want to talk to you at some point about selling the "blessing cards" because I would really like to promote this great ministry!

Marnie (Santa Rosa, CA)

This website is a true blessing in a world where children don't have a voice about God. You prove they have knowledge of him. God bless you all. I am going to share this with friends and family.

Bridgette (Lakeside, VA)

re: Mission Explorers Video Series with 13-Lesson Curriculum

Mr. Kinsolving,

I just wanted to let you know how much I am impressed with your program. The video and child view idea was brilliant and a wonderful way to reach children. I found your site while looking for something to teach my children about missions in our homeschool setting. I was so impressed with it that I ended up passing on the sample lesson and link to the head of our children's department at our church with the suggestion that this would make a great summer program and a nice break from the one they are currently using (long term). Our church is very involved in missions and we even have a missionary with TWR in our congregation.

Well, she emailed me back just today and informed me that she agreed and what an answer to prayer it was, it fit exactly what they had been looking for. A prayer I knew nothing about. So when you get an order for the DVD in the next few weeks from North Carolina you'll know we are on our way to planning a great summer of learning and sharing of the gospel through the use of your program.

Thank you for obeying God's call on your time and resources.

Cyndi Rodgers (North Carolina)

"The entire website creates a safe, exciting opportunity for kids to learn about God from the people they learn from the best -- KIDS! As a parent, I appreciate the effort shown to allow children to express their views and understandings of the Bible and their faith. My little boys have really enjoyed watching the videos of the various countries and have laughed over the answer sessions by the kids. This is truly a blessing to have a Godly-inspired website for them to explore and learn. We can feel comfortable setting the boys at the computer and allowing them to navigate the friendly site without worries of anything negative. Excellent!"  - Shawn

"What a blessing! Finally, a way for children to be able to interact with each other and share their view and ideas about the ways of God. My child has thoroughly enjoyed your Kids Talk About God Devotional Bible Lessons every week! She shares her views and your Bible Lessons with her friends at school too! 

"I have been sharing and forwarding Kids Talk About God with my friends and family, who are also parents of Bethany's friends. They love it and are forwarding it to their friends and family too!"  - Jeanne

"We will be teaching the Creation during the summer to mainly Hispanic children in our After-School Program. I was surfing the web to see what kind of coloring pages I could find on the Creation. I have saved the pages related to Creation from your website and will be using them. They are wonderfully done and the content and questions will definitely help our children to think about God and His Purpose for creating us. I have saved your website in my Favorites." - Mary (Cartersville, GA) 

"My 5-year-old daughter liked the way God loves us."   - Lisa (Dublin, Ireland)  

"My four children and I are almost done with your Mission Explorers video. We have had a wonderful time watching all the exciting places you visited. Do you have any more contests like this one?" - Jill

"As the homeschooler of a kindergarten-aged child, I really love the interactive Kids Talk About God book. I've never come upon such a resource like this online. It was really neat to see my child's face light up whenever she would roll the mouse over a written passage and a child's voice would tell her what it says! It is a wonderful tool to teach kids how to read. Hearing another child's voice always grabs their attention. It is a blessing that you have made this resource available online for free." - J. Thigpen

This is the best I've seen for kids on the Internet. - Jennett (Foxworth, MS)

Grandparents Say: 

I like the fact that children are so honest and straight forward. I think that's the best thing I like about kids. I think more adults should listen more to kids. They would probably learn a lot from them.
Margaret (Canada)


It is so very important for children to speak about God and Jesus -- not only to children, but for adults, too. Our 7-year-old granddaughter is partially deaf in both ears. When she got her hearing aids a couple of years ago, I sat her in my lap at the computer (to watch the Kid TV Interviews). She was beaming with joy to actually hear more clearly their testimonials about all the different subjects. My husband and I like to see them also, and hear their opinions about biblical stuff. It's wonderful to add mature comments for the adults. We needed it and have grown spiritually closer to the Lord.
I thank the Lord for using you all to reach kids. May He be lifted up always, regardless of circumstances.
Betty (South Carolina)


"All your Kids Talk About God Devotional Bible Lessons are a blessing to read. May our Lord continue to give you inspiration and courage to keep on keeping on!

I forwarded today's (Devotional Bible Lessons) email to my young grandchildren, because I don't know that they receive it weekly. Their dear mom, Janet, is to begin chemotherapy next week for breast cancer. The whole family is bravely, and prayerfully, trying to wrap their arms around this new venture in their lives. Janet has the best of medical resources, and love is certainly surrounding her. God's love and strength, most surely!
Thank you for your inspiring encouragement to children by the work God has put onto your heart, dear Carey."


"It’s at the age level of my kids and it keeps them interested. I have tried a lot of ways, but this is it. It helped me as well as it did the kids." - Norma (Memphis, TN)

"I just read your article on EzineArticles, about casting your "pearls" before swine. Well done. I always enjoy reading your work. I then went to your website and felt like a child again. I have to make sure that my granddaughter knows about this website. What you are doing there is really cool.

"But I have to tell you that I think your website is a place all adult Christians should visit as well. As always, I find the most enjoyable things about the Lord by just clicking on a link. Adults, like me, who have invested our lives in our families often wonder how much impact we make for the Lord. Only occasionally, and periodically have I hungered for the day that I can hear God say, "Well done, My good and faithful servant". That has increased with me as the years have started to cluster together. As I look back, I see a man that, without Christ, would never have a chance at hearing those words. Coming to your website, and experiencing a few things reminded me that I am important to God, regardless of my sins.


"Something you said about each of us and our individual influence made a huge impact on me. I have worked very hard to raise a family to know God and Jesus Christ, and I have worked in many environments that were hostile to the message of Christ. I was certainly imperfect in some ways in dealing with this, but never did I lose my belief or my desire to do right. Grace is someone I really didn't know well, but has become a friend of mine recently, along with Mercy. Sometimes we have friendships that we miss and fail to recognize when things seem rough, or we allow sin into our lives. These are some really good friends that I am keeping with me from now on." - Ross (Snohomish, WA)





"Dear KTAG Staff, I have seven grandkids. This will be the only website that they can go to when they visit me. I thank God for this. It is a blessing for me and will be for my grandkids. Thank you all and have a blessed day."



Children's Ministers Say: 

re: Mission Explorers

"What a great missions program! I've used it twice for Children's Church, grades one to six, and the children loved it. We made authentic-looking "passports," which I stamped every time we traveled to a new country. To make it even more realistic, we designated one room as the airplane when we watched the video. We also had a world map to follow our travels. The children didn't want the program to end. With the world rapidly changing, I tried to share current issues with the children for the countries you had visited." - Pat (Pennsylvania)

"A wonderful way to get other children to listen, learn and be involved. I have three grandchildren and my daughter does her very best to keep them off the regular TV cartoons and video games. This is a good alternative." - Lorna (Goa, India)

"I am from Jamaica and I am very involved with the Children's Ministry in my church. I am so happy to find this website.  God bless you and bless your ministry. I do not have a lot of resources for my children so I am grateful any help I can get." - Parnell (Jamaica)

"The video was excellent. Because the characters were a little outdated, I was afraid that the kids would be put off by it; but our kids loved it. It was interesting, fun and catchy. They loved the music, the people and everything about it. We used it as a VBS program and it was a huge success. Thank you so much!

"Because we used it for VBS, we didn't use the material as much as you would in a Sunday School environment. We did, however, use the games and some of the crafts listed. It is very adaptable, and I would suggest to anyone using it to add their own touch to the program.

"Thanks so much. What an incredible blessing to our kids ministry. Also, how do we win a trip like that??? :) May the Lord continue to use your ministry!" - Tanya (Canada)

"I am new to children's ministry and this site is a blessing. This may help us to draw more people. So this is just to say thank you for a free site to spread God's word to the little ones."  - Nancy 

"I wanted to pick something age appropriate for kids of all ages and Kids Talk About God is perfect for all of our children. Your program really reaches all age groups and the best part was I didn't have to pay an annual fee to get access to the material I needed. Thank you so much. You are such a blessing to our growing church family." - Heather (Hartselle, AL)

re: the KTAG Online Art Gallery
"I loved two pictures, one in the New Testament, where one picture was of hands and it stated that GOD loves everyone. How the hands were in different colors gave way to say that even at that young and tender of an age she understood racial barriers that humans undergo. However GOD is not that shallow.

"Lastly the picture of the cross in ref to Isaiah's passage to interject that by his stripes we are healed. The cross was striped over a dawning sky. It was simply beautiful. The whole idea is great. I intend to show some of the artwork to influence the children at my church to get their minds thinking of creative ways to artistically praise the Creator. God bless you. This is a wonderful site. I'm saving this as a favorite!!" - Cory (Louisville, KY): Parent, Teacher, Children's Minister, Sunday School Teacher, VBS Leader

"You have designed a beautiful website with exciting teaching resources. Thank you for sharing your ministry with the world!" - Meily (Springfield, VA): Parent, Aunt, Teacher, Children's Minister

re: Mission Explorers

"I have been previewing the DVD and while watching I am becoming more excited and thankful that we have found this program thru the internet. 

"The DVD is done so well and I have been reduced to tears as I watch it and see the impact of missions in the world.  I am so excited about using it with our church and I am praying that it would have a lasting impact on our children." - Phyllis (Toms River, NJ)

Other Comments:

re: KTAG column

"Just wanted to say thank you." - Mauro (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

re: KTAG Radio Features
"We are interested in airing your Kids Talk About God radio spots. We really loved your spots. We all got a good laugh." - Cheryl (WCLC radio - Jamestown, TN)


re: "What Would You Write in a Christmas Letter to God?"
"I loved what all the kids had to say to God about Christmas! It was so heartwarming. Thank you very much for this website. It made me cry (a good cry)."

"We are writing to you with this prayer and hope that may Lord Jesus Christ bless your ministry and your great service for the Kingdom of God.
"We have been reading from your site the Biblical articles and messages, and we have found that these teachings are truly what Christians need today. We have formed a group of readers and every day we come together to read what we could in our limited time. And then we share this message with others Christians in our area. But there are lots of Christians who have no access to internet, and they left behind with these precious and life-saving messages of Gospel.
"We wish that you could reach to those Christians who do not have internet access and who do not understand English language. In other words they need to have these Christian teachings in their own local language so many can benefit from it and come to Jesus Christ, who is the only Savior of their lives.
"Brothers, we come with this request to translate your teachings in Urdu language, which is a national language of Pakistan and this language is widely spoken and understood in India as well. There are so many people in other countries from Pakistan and India those are living. So your Urdu Broadcasting service or work would benefit both Indian Christians and Pakistani Christians.
"We would like to offer our services for Urdu Broadcasting or translating your teachings in Urdu language so that your ministry can reach to every true believer with the message of salvation and eternal life. How I can be partner of your wonderful ministry.
"Our constant prayers and best wishes are for your ministry and your great services the Lord." - Kamran Qundeel (Pakistan)

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