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Here's What Pastors and Ministry Leaders Are Saying About the
Testimony Writing Workshop

"Whether you are a beginner, want to sharpen your skills, or have not yet begun to write, Carey Kinsolving can help you. He has a proven track record of taking a story of spiritual substance and making it newsworthy and readable in the secular press. We came away very impressed, highly motivated, spiritually encouraged and rarin' to go write."

Dr. James P. Hutchens, Pastor of Christ Church of Arlington, Arlington, VA and Pat Mercer Hutchens

"Mr. Kinsolving, it is one thing to believe that God has destined you to do a certain thing, but it is another to have others recognize that destiny. My future as a writer has been successfully launched thanks to your instruction and enocuragement. I am forever grateful."

Mrs. Dylyce P. Clarke, Administrator, Darrell Green Youth Life Foundation

"He (Carey Kinsolving) is warm and personable, he knows his craft, his credentials are superb -- a graduate of the prestigious University of Missouri School of Journalism -- by-lines with The Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune, etc. His seminar is informal and informative."

Robert E. Lingle, Pastor of Hamilton Baptist Church, Hamilton, VA

"I am pleased to invite you to be a member of our faculty . . ."

Gayle G. Roper, Director, Sandy Cove Christian Writers Conference

"Kinsolving is a top professional writer and an excellent teacher of the subject. His materials were especially well organized. He has a wealth of personal anecdotes and examples which add interest and inspiration to the presentation. He is a wise and skilled communicator, yet without compromising the Gospel message; rare in our times."

Tracy L. Hansen, Pastor of Community Christian Fellowship, Lindale, TX

"This workshop is not only good for those who want to learn the basics of effective writing, but it's also good for pastors who want to learn how to communicate God's Word more effectively. I have had the privilege of knowing Carey Kinsolving as a friend and brother in Christ for the past 2+ years and have been impressed with his love for the Lord, his integrity, and the way he uses his skills to exalt the Lord Jesus."

Steve King, Pastor of Cherrydale Baptist Church, Arlington, VA

"His (Carey Kinsolving's) poised yet comfortable delivery made us feel relaxed and offered us the opportunity to ask questions at any time during class. Comments from others I spoke with were very positive, and I hope we ask him back next year as he is a gifted teacher."

Barbara Lee, Public Relations Department, Mercy Ships



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