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Kids Talk About God Business Cards

You can offer our portfolio to your community by letting us create a sponsored web page and business cards for you. The business card will contain the web address that takes visitors to a web page that contains our Kids Click Menu and a message from you.

Bless and connect with your community by letting us wrap your message around our online content. Your message will follow website visitors all the way through our website.

Just hand out the cards and encourage people to check out your special web page. Anybody who visits it will have free access to loads of uplifting Christian content for their children or grandchildren. Your message will also wrap around our Kids Click Menu when website visitors use our referral button.

Three Kinds of KTAG Business Cards

1) Value-Added Business Cards

KTAG Value-Added Business Cards are designed especially for businesses, non-profit organizations, Christian schools and churches. We can print your business card on the reverse side. You can continue to distribute your business cards as you normally would, but with the added bonus of the KTAG content.


GRACE_KTAG_Card.gif               gracecard.png

If you would rather keep your business card separate, consider these alternatives for your KTAG cards:

Reverse Side Blank: Print the KTAG side of the card with the website address that will take recipients to your sponsored web page and leave the backside of the card blank. Use your KTAG web page to let website visitors know you’re the page sponsor. Some may want to bless their community anonymously.

Courtesy: Instead of leaving the backside of the card blank, print a courtesy message such as Kids Talk About God Courtesy of You.

URL: Print your normal business card with the website address of your KTAG sponsored web page on the reverse side.

Additionally, you can use them to share your faith by handing them out personally, and/or by having them available in acrylic cardholders (Click Here to see KTAG Displays) at high-traffic areas. You may even find that people take extra cards and hand them out like candy to their friends. 



Take a few minutes to find out for yourself what you’ll be giving away with your KTAG cards:

  • Personalize your own storybook Bible by printing lessons from the Kids Color Me Bible.
  • Choose from more than 70 pieces of print-it-yourself art drawn by children to illustrate Bible verses.
  • Watch 60 TV commercials featuring real kids talking about God.
  • Let 11-year-old Hillary Welborn take you around the world in the Mission Explorers Streaming Video to see what God is doing among various people groups. Watch more than 2 hours of streaming video.

Our mission is to create forums for kids to share their faith. We make these inspirational expressions of faith available online without charge to children and families. This is where Christian-owned businesses and non-profit organizations can participate by sponsoring a KTAG sponsored web page with associated KTAG Business Cards.

2) Friendship Cards

KTAG Friendship Cards are ideal for individuals or families who want to share their faith in a fun and appealing way. You can have a message and/or photo of your choosing printed on the reverse side.


Encourage the kids to hand them out to their friends, relatives, babysitters, dentists, doctors, waiters, store clerks, and so on. Put a family photo on the reverse side and insert them in your Christmas cards.

You can also make use of our KTAG Displays by requesting local businesses to display your cardholders and cards.

Get some cards for your school, church, Sunday School class or Bible study group. Put church, Sunday School or Bible study information on the back with location, phone number and meeting times, and use the cards to invite people.

KTAGChristmasBusinessCardWEBsize.gifWith Kids Talk About God Friendship Cards, kids have the power to reach their community with the gospel. And when the grown-ups see how fun and effective it is, they will want to hand out the cards, too!

3) KTAG Christmas Business Cards

This is a special, seasonal version of the KTAG Business Card. Christmas is a time when people tend to be more open to receiving the Good News. So, we are making this special edition available for those who may wish to make this a special emphasis during December. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with using them year-round, if you wish!

Click here to view a sample of a Christmas sponsored web page.

NEW! VBS Invitation Cards - click here to view.

Also: Church Camp Invitation Cards

Call 956-772-1920 for a personal consultation with a KTAG representative.

Website Owners May Feature a KTAG Icon or Banner

Distribute Kids Talk About God Business Cards that feature your website address. Visitors will see matching imagery and content on the KTAG Click-Through Icon or banner (pictured below in a selection of sizes) that takes them directly to the webpage that offers KTAG Online Portfolio courtesy of you, your business or organization.

KTAGiconMini.gif     KTAGiconBaby.gif     KTAGiconSmall.gif     KTAGiconMedium.gif      Christmas_Icon_large.gif


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