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Positive Peer Role Models

Peer-based Vacation Bible School materials are effective because kids pay attention to what other kids say. By age 11, 50% of a child’s social activity occurs within the context of peers (Hartup, 1983). The influence can be positive or negative, depending on the choice of peers. I’m sure you’ve heard this: “But, Moooom . . . ALL the kids are doing it!”

“When students learn from someone who is ‘just like them,’ they are more engaged in their learning” ( Yet in school, Sunday School and Vacation Bible School, it’s almost exclusively adults doing the talking.

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Role models are also a big influence on children. Unfortunately, the most visible role models are frequently negative. How often have you seen someone on TV or in the movies that you would want your child to imitate? (Did you cringe at that? Me, too!)

Vacation Bible School can be a great opportunity to counteract the negative influences in children’s lives. Imagine the impact if the positive direction given by parents and teachers could be backed up with positive peer role models! Let me share with you some Vacation Bible School materials that use this approach effectively.

One of the most compelling Vacation Bible School themes is the adventure of a child traveling around the world visiting real missionaries. The Mission Explorers Streaming Video series is designed to show missions through the eyes and experience of the winner of the Children’s Bible Contest, 11-year-old Hillary Welborn. By the way, Hillary is a STELLAR role model for children. (No, I’m not her mom…)

This could be one of the best Vacation Bible School themes you’ve had in a long time. See for yourself.

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Another great Vacation Bible School resource is the brand-new Kids Color Me Bible, a free, printable, online book. It is saturated with good peer role models. This engaging book is illustrated entirely by children, and contains the best answers kids gave to questions about God, life and the Bible. Then, it calls its young readers to participate by filling in their own answers and providing their own art.

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Here’s another great tool you could use to introduce or reinforce your Vacation Bible School themes. In the Kids Talk About God Online Kid TV Interviews, children can watch their peers answer questions about God, life and the Bible. Humor, insight and passion characterize their answers. These are the kind of peers you want your children to imitate. The spots could be used in VBS to introduce a topic, or in church to promote your upcoming Vacation Bible School.

Click here to view the Kids Talk About God Online Kid TV Interviews. It’s free! No registration required.

Here’s one more thing you could add to your Vacation Bible School materials: scripture memory cards. The Kids Talk About God Online Art Gallery has dozens of scriptures, each illustrated by a child. They can easily be printed out as 3”x5” cards, complete with scriptures and art. You could slip these into the kids’ VBS packets, and encourage them to memorize the Bible verses.

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