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Teaching Kids the Bible Can Be Fun
With the Right Tools

Parents have a unique opportunity to impart values to their children. By teaching kids the Bible, wise parents seize the window of opportunity to shape the lives of their children. In the battle to shape your children’s character, wouldn’t you like to summon a host of child peers who reinforce your values? This is not a fairy tale! In teaching kids the Bible, you can summon real kids talking about God at the click of a mouse.

Before we look at peer-rich, online Bible study lessons for children, consider what writer Judy Arnall says about the role of peers in your children’s lives:

“Our children are going to encounter values, attitudes and beliefs that are different from our families' values throughout their lives. So what can parents do? Parents can subtly influence the choice of peers, but cannot control the choice completely.”

The role of peer influence in children’s lives has been greatly underestimated by developers of Bible study lessons for children. Most children’s curriculum developers write in a vacuum. It’s too time consuming and expensive to ask real kids what they think about God, life and the Bible.

I (Carey Kinsolving) speak from experience. I’ve read thousands of children’s answers to questions for my syndicated newspaper column, Kids Talk About God. I’ve interviewed hundreds of children for television spots about God that ran on an ABC affiliate TV station. I’ve sorted through hundreds of children’s drawings that illustrate Bible stories for a book published by Hallmark and an online book published more recently. Last but not least, I’ve traveled around the world asking children about God to produce a video series that more than 2,500 churches have used to introduce children to mission work.


Cause it feels so good when I stop? Nope.

Children deserve a strong start in life. In teaching kids the Bible, parents need to show their kids other children who know the Lord and openly proclaim his goodness, grace and love. I’m happy to report that the best of all the work described above is now available to you online in the Kids Click Menu.

“Studies have shown that one of the most effective ways children learn is through the use of cross-age peer tutoring; that is, an older child given the task of teaching a younger child. Why?

“When students learn from someone who is ‘just like them,’ they are more engaged in their learning. Peer tutoring highlights a ‘common bond’ between tutor and pupil; consequently, children are often more open and receptive to learning.” (www.amazing-kids.org).

In teaching kids the Bible, parents also need multi-sensory Bible study lessons for children. The online Kids Color Me Bible contains space for your children to write their answers to questions that relate to a Bible story. Each story contains a full page under the Heaven Herald masthead with headline for your kids to draw their illustrative art. Children can watch and listen to other kids talking about God in online TV spots and the Mission Explorers Video Series.

Click here to explore teaching kids the Bible through the Kids Color Me Bible!

Click here to visit the Kids Click Menu!



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