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Learn English With Our Free Talking Book

Learn English with the Kids Talk About God Talking Book. Learning English has never been easier for children and grown-ups alike. This free, online book contains more than 300 quotes from children who answered questions about God and the Bible. Roll your mouse over each child’s quote and hear real children speak.

Educators know the power of peer-based learning. Children learning English as a second language love the Kids Talk About God Talking Book because it empowers them. They learn to read from their peers, and they have control as they mouse over quotes and click to turn pages.

While learning English, children will enjoy seeing illustrative children’s art. Even the cover art was done by a child:


The original book was published by J. Countryman
as a gift book. Hallmark later acquired the rights to
publish it fordistribution in Gold Crown Hallmark Stores.
Now, it’s online and free for all website visitors.
Click here or the image above to visit the
talking version of this book.

Children will enjoy learning English with this book. It’s loaded with brief quotes from children who answered questions about God and the Bible. Many of their answers are humorous. Many of their answers are humorous. Here are some sample questions and answers:

Question: If God gave you unlimited power for one day, what three things would you do?
Answer: I would give my mom whatever she really wanted. I would give my dad $100.

Question: Why can’t we see God?
Answer: Because He needs His privacy.

Question: What is God’s favorite song?
Answer: “If Loving God Was A Crime, I’d Be An Outlaw” is God’s favorite song.

Question: In the Garden of Eden, why did the devil tempt Eve instead of Adam?
Answer: Because Satan is a boy, and boys don’t like girls.

Question: How did the wise men know about Jesus’ birth?
Answer: That’s why they were called wise men!

This book is a great tool for learning English, but it goes beyond that by encouraging and inspiring a child to think and talk about God. Besides the humorous and fun answers, many of the children’s quotes are thought-provoking and inspirational. Here are some examples:

Question: Why did God make us?
Answer: God wanted somebody to love Him, to trust Him, to know about Him, and He was finding somebody to love.

Question: How do you know God loves you?
Answer: I think you know God loves you because He died for us.

Question: Why did God command us not to covet?
Answer: God told us not to covet because He will provide us with what we mostly need, not junk that we don’t even use.

Question: What is the lesson of David and Goliath?
Answer: Big people don’t get to do all the big things. If we believe in God, we can do anything.

Learning English can be fun and inspirational with the Kids Talk About God Talking Book. To read this book online (and hear it talk), please click here.



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